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How to find Who Use Your Pictures Online

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Ever wonder who use your pictures, when you publish them on a social media?

If you’re like us, you probably want to know who use your photos on the Internet. So, we will show you the easiest way they can be found, using only Google. You will see, it’s pretty simple..

First, you need to have the picture on your computer. If it’s on the internet, just download it to your computer. If you don’t know how to do it, just find you image on Internet, put the cursor of the computer (your mouse) over the image and push the right button on your mouse. Select “Save image as” and save it . You must look where your computer save the image, so you can access it easily.

Once you have your image, things become very simple. Now, go with your Internet Explorer, or what ever browser you use. On the Google site, at the top left, you see a menu. Click on “Images“.

google image search image

This will bring you to the selection of an image. You have the option to put an Internet link to the online image, or select to upload and image from the computer. I will only show you how to upload the image, since you already have it on your computer. Now, Click on the Small Camera Icone.

search by image icon

Select on “Upload an Image“. Then on “Browse” and find your image on your computer, and “Open

As an exemple, I did it on this popular Internet Image:

sample Image

Now look at the results below:

google search results image

As you can see, there’s a lot of results for this image, and there’s at least 10 more pages linking to it. You can click on every links and see who use your photos and more importantly: how they use them.

If there’s no link, it means Google can’t find anything. It’s probably not available on the Internet, and you are probably the only person using them.

For photographers, this simple Google Image thing is very useful to find unwanted use of our images.

We also use this technique to find false account on Facebook with great success.


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