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Things We Bought on Amazon and Just Love

Things We Bought on Amazon and Just Love

Here’s our Things We Bought on Amazon and Just Love.

As everybody, we bought a lot of stuff from Amazon. As you know, some stuff are good, and some are just not worth it. We are referencing Only good products, that we bought Mostly for our photography business.


We are in Canada, so most of the products come from These products should be available in other countries, but the links we provide is for the canadian store only.

 If you go and buy them via our links, we will receive a small percentage of the sale.



1- Ink Cartridge Replacements

These are Ink Replacements for our Canon printer. For $30.99 you get 10 pre-filed Cartridges, two of each colors. What’s impressive about this? Well, if you compare to Canon replacements (around 200$), there a huge saving in price. Manutacturers sell printer at low prices and basically don’t make any money on them. They know it’s on the ink, that you will have to buy, that cash will flows in.

Furthermore, they don’t clog your printer like some other replacements might do. We will buy these cartridges again.




2- USB 3.0 Hard Drive Casing

This unit is a Casing for a 2.5 inch USB 3.0 Hard Drive. It has good transfert speed and it doesn’t cost much. One of our laptop computer fails us, and we were able to save our informations using one of these unit.

Now we use it as an external backup drive.




3- Tripod Bag

A tripod bag is very useful when shooting outside. It’s very useful when you have to shoot at sunset or at night. You can strap it around your shoulder and neck, so you don’t have to worry about carrying your tripod. It’s important to have one long enough for a tripod and it’s head. This one is long enough and pretty cheap at $14.50.

tripod bag


4- Logitech Mouse

We bought this mouse on July 2018 and never had any problem with it. The battery last quite a bit, and it’s very confortable. We don’t play games with it though, since it’s not a game specialized mouse.





5- 360 Degree Theta S Camera from Ricoh

This camera make amazing 360 degree seamless imagery. Images from this camera can be seen on many websites we know:, et sur cette Page Facebook. Bought in 2016 and still working perfectly in dec 2019. You have to be careful not to drop this camera, since the two lenses are easy to scratch. Ours is still unscratched..


360degree camera




6- Compact Manfrotto Tripod with Integrated Head

You might ask yourself why buy a tripod at this price? Well, the answer is simple, this tripod is small and very lightweight. If you do a lot of sunset or night shoottings, you want a tripod that doesn’t give your neck or back pains. This tripod also fold more than regular ones. It only measure 40 cm (1foot and 6 inches) when fully fold, and weight only 1.1kg (about 5 pounds) since it is made from carbon fibers. It also come with its own shoulder bag, so you don’t have to buy it afterward. It also fit easily in any travelling bag, which most tripods don’t. Very useful when travelling a lot. It’s also very quick to unfold and install. The clips on each legs make it very easy. All and all, Very Good.

manfrotto tripod


We will add more products in the future as we buy them, so come back later for more amazing products.


Things We Bought on Amazon and Just Love



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