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What HDR (High Dynamic Range) is.

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What HDR (High Dynamic Range) is ?

In fact, it’s pretty simple.

It’s making one picture with the luminosity of two or more pictures. You take different pictures of the same subject at different luminosities. Then combine them to make an HDR.

Here’s an exemple:

What HDR (High Dynamic Range) is

As you can see, we took the highlights on the darkest image (in Blue), and the darkest section on the most exposed Image (in Red). Then combine them on the midlle image to have a more balanced Image.

Here the real case Image Result:

HDR final Result

As you can see, there’s no really dark or white sections on the resulting Image. We kind of stretched the luminosity details of the image. HDR “High Dynamic Resolution” is just a technical term for “Stretched Luminosity” effect.

For this image, the Software used was Photomatix Pro.

HDR can have different degrees. Since it can be overblown easily, at Stockphotodesign, we’re trying to make them look, as natural as possible. Therefore, we’re limiting the effect for maximum results.

The image below is an exemple of overblown HDR. You might like it, but it’s just not a useful image.

Overblown HDR

We have a wide variety of HDR Images. Here’s a Sample from our Portfolio:

As you can see, the effects are not overdone. They are added precisely, just to make the image pops out.

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What HDR (High Dynamic Range) is.

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