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Computers – Artsy Stock Pictures:

All Images Cost: 5$ US

Sizes may vary depending on the type of Image.

  • The Regular Images have between 2.5 and 3 Mpixels ( 1400X1800),
  • The HDR are about 6 Mpixels (2000×3000),
  • And the Animations should have their dimensions indicated in each cases.

At Stockphotodesign, we believe the other agencies are keeping too much from each sale. Since the artists are doing most of the work, they should be compensated consequently.

From our Sales:

  • 95% goes back to Photographers.
  • 5% is kept for Site Maintenance and Advertisings.

( We are adding our special effect images occasionally only. If you have a special request you want us to do, please send us an email. )

Overall, It Includes:

  • Desktop and Portable Units,
  • Monitors, Keyboards,
  • Mouses
  • and Others Computer Accessories.

( The transistor creation in 1947 has permitted a lot of improvements in electronics. One of  these improvement was the venue of chips and computers. With it, calculations impossible before were getting easily accessibles. It also permitted software programmation that are used for about everything and everywhere today. Softwares diminishes the size of electronics need in computers and the other equipments used today. Microsoft and Apple are two of the most popular industries in the computer sector. )

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